Tuesday, May 10, 2011


It's been a looooong time! 
My laptop is not yet back in good shape but my husband let me use his work computer [now that he has a new toy to fiddle with] that has a HUGE display that outdoes the sun in radiating UV rays directly onto my face! :(

We have been sweltering in the summer heat of 34deg (or even higher). Most of this season, I stay home. If I ever have to leave the house, I do it in the late afternoon when the sun's about to set. 

This was one of those summer days I left home for the mall. And hopefully, you could see what I actually wanted to show you: the coral nail polish on my fingers and red violet on my toes. :)

 top: celine
shorts: bayo
belt: yrys 
bag: gifted
shoes: ipanema
sunnies: forever21 
 bangle: robinsons dept store

Rain, please come again. And come soon! :)