Saturday, January 29, 2011

For Sale: Lace Up Boots

If anyone of you or your friends is looking for a black pair of lace up boots in size 5, please contact me through my email address: symichelle at hotmail dot com

I had searched and waited for it for ages so it really breaks my heart that I cannot keep it. The shoes are a size too big for my tiny feet and that, of course, is a big inconvenience. :(
The item is:
•size 35, black
•brand new in excellent condition
•can be yours at Php1300 only [free shipping] 
Thank you in advance! :)


In the book Kokology II, a door not only represents an entrance or an exit. It also has a psychological interpretation. It is either considered a protective wall or a welcoming arc. 

Doors are one of my favorite subjects to photograph. In my opinion, a door sets the mood for every room that it guards. A door, if picked especially by the owner, is also a key item in translating one's personal style and the message you want to send to the public. :)

Here are a few of my door-ic finds. :)

 This makes me feel there's a quiet family inside . Conservatively living. :)

 For me, the dark doors and concrete fence are intimidating to look at; that it's guarded. 
On the other hand, the watermelon green and brown combo seem to house an adventurously stand-out family. 
I like it! :)

'Lovely homes' is what I call them. Those enlivened with ornaments such as vines and 
plants in colorful pots that bloom as if it's always the season of spring. :)

 There's obviously something similar between these two that attracted me to shoot them. :)
I guess it's the glass panes that we don't normally see locally. And, there are no gates!

 No, these are not doors to enter/exit from the back of the house. They are main 
entrances. No fences. Look, it even has a mailbox! :)
For apparent reasons, this is NOT recommended in our country.

 Well, what can I say? It's a 'rich' villa, therefore, it needs to look like one! LOL :)

How about you, what's your favorite photograph subjects?  

Have a great weekend! :) Enjoy!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Random Shots III

Here you go! The third installment of the unsolicited photo-flooding. It seems that a lot of you enjoyed Random Shots I and II so let me share with you another set of pictures from my trip to Japan in 2010. 

 it's so green. I'm gonna die!!! :)
This MUST definitely be because of unpolluted air!

This is the COOLEST science museum I've ever been to! Our technology is indeed decades behind!
Left: a tornado simulator that you are allowed to touch/feel!!! 
Right: cosmodriving for real! It's a free ride inside the museum that lets 
you experience maneuvering a space shuttle. :)

 The most thoughtful are those who think of everyone's, especially the children, convenience. 
The stone steps are to help little ones reach and throw garbage in the bin properly.
In this photo, they segregate trash into 5. Makes me wonder what these 5 are.

 This was homemade and looking at this now makes me miss it!!! 
It was one of the best I've tasted! :) 

 I finished all of this! You can't blame me. It was SO good! :)

 Interiors of one of our favorite restaurants - Tapas and Tapas. Coat hangers by the washroom door. 
Wine glasses in a birdcage-like hanging planter(?). So homey. :)

 Japanese love pasta! They have the widest variation! :) When I visit a pizzeria for the first time, I always ask 
for my favorite, the basic, Margarita. It's sort of a test before I try other pizza toppings on the menu. 
If that fails, I will have second thoughts of coming back. 
Tapas and Tapas has the best Pizza Margarita, so far, in my list of 7 pizzerias. :)

I chose this mook among many others because Cath Kidston is not common and widely distributed locally.
The handbag comes with a mirror and a tissue holder. Cute! :)

 So, here we are! :) Their Disneyland is about 3 times bigger than the one in HK.
Disneysea is completely different and is located somewhere else. It is visited by lovers/couples more. :)

 Left: Pirates of The Caribbean staff in uniform. Cute! :)
Right: That is a sample of a common Japanese street style. BUT, how could you 
possibly enjoy a ride in that pouf-y skirt?!

 Right: So this is how turkey leg tastes like! 7 inches long and meaty! :) It's yummmmmy!!! :) 
Left: The canoe ride burned all the calories from the turkey leg. LOL :) The oar was very heavy! :)

 The streetlamps with hands were all well-thought-of. You wouldn't notice because you'd be busy looking 
at bigger attractions. But some of these were curled, stooped, etc which added fun! :)
To your right is me trying to pick up a 10,000lb dumbbell that has fallen and broken the concrete floor. :)

 It was beginning to get dark when we left. We enjoyed it so much! However, I should have 
layered myself more with thicker garments. It was around 20degC plus wind! :)

 Stay left. The cars do as well. They have right-hand driven cars. The Fast and The Furious 2 -Tokyo Drift 
is a not only a movie but a testament to how fast they drive (men and women). They can afford to do so 
because everyone [except the monk here, LOL :) ]follows traffic rules to the letter. Staying left while on 
an escalator is to give way and keep safe from people (a lot during rush hours in busier stations) who are 
running (literally in a hurry).

 Pasta Spasso Cafe is also a favorite! :) They serve spaghetti, salad, drinks and dessert only. Spaghetti is, 
of course, the specialty and what people line up outside the resto for. First, select your plate size which is 
available in M, L and LL, and then, choose your spaghetti sauce. If you're curious as to how different their 
spaghetti sauces are, click here. The have about 8 to 10 options. ALL serving sizes are priced at the same 
value, only Y680! :) Combos start at Y810 to Y1100. IT'S WORTH IT!!! :)

 Hope you enjoyed! Have a Happy Friday! :)

Thursday, January 27, 2011

I love you today, as always.

My husband reads my posts religiously. He has been doing so for 6 years although we only married in 2008. I have an account with live spaces, which used to be msn spaces, that has been around since 2004. That blog documented almost all major transitions in my life, including him. :)

Now that we are under one roof and I have a new blog, he waits until his home to personally comment (make fun) of my posts. But I don't want him to stop because I love the awkward feeling and embarrassment that brings me. :) I find it cute and child-like when he scrutinizes my photos (the outfit posts, especially). He does not understand at all.

That's because he's a geek! :) 

The internet for him is only for downloading HD movies, technical research about technical stuff, watching reviews regarding the latest gadgets or those he's eying, football, and PS3-games/Apps/other geeky-related things you can think of.  He didn't even know who Susan Roces was until Fernando Poe Jr. died! Whaaat?!
It will not take a geek to know what these are. But not every household has them, right?
Especially the CPU stand! Especially.. *nodding* With wheels, huh?! :)

I'd just like to share that people are noticing because we received a set of pillow covers this Christmas that has prints "Beauty" on one and  "TheBeast" on the other. LOL :)

I wrote this to give him a light dose of his medicine. So today, when he gets home, I will receive him with a SMILE stretched between my ears. He cannot make fun of this right? *wink*

Ah, sweet revenge! :)


Rarely did I get the chance to leaf through some broadsheets in the past 6 years. I was very preoccupied with deadlines and compliance ratings then. When I visited my parents who never miss a Sunday paper last weekend, I came across this campaign(?).

I wonder who's behind this and what other papers printed it that Sunday. LOL :)

I don't think I'd be able to keep the funny thought or the punchline if I translate this directly to English.
Basically, Globe, Sun and Smart are the 3 biggest telecommunications companies that provide 
wireless/mobile phone services in the Philippines. This is "sort of" the public's appeal to them to treat their 
subscribers to some freebies in the form of free SMS or unlimited internet access at no cost. :)
Bright idea! :)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Guys, one of the stylish bloggers I look up to is giving away a Chanel Nail Polish!
All you have to do is comment with your email address and mention it on your blog. :)
 Click below to join and for the mechanics!

Thank you! :)

Let Your Heart Fly

On Sunday, I went to a christening celebration at noon. I was not able to take that many photos because I enjoyed the program so much! It's really the reason why I attend kiddie parties. LOL :) The host did a great job in entertaining the crowd - children and adults, alike. He is a program host, a magician and a ventriloquist rolled into one! :) 

Here is a photo of [me on] the stage. :)

Me, captured from a height of approximately 6ft and 2 meters away.
My husband does a natural job in making me look tinier. :)
Just a wacky pose and I belong! LOL :)

The following day was a scheduled get-together with a dear friend. This is meaningful to our friendship as she's leaving for Singapore with uncertain plans of return. :( I would like to introduce you to her (through photos) but I'm not comfortable sharing pictures of other people (unless permitted) in this blog. Forgive me.

We had lunch at Kenny Rogers Roasters; bought tickets for the 3:45pm screening of The Tourist; tried to find myself a decent pair of plain black or brown shoes 45min before the movie, epic fail by the way. Got ourselves 2 big bags of buttered popcorn with drinks and seated 2 minutes before the movie started! :) Buzzer beater! :)

 My hair is a wilderness! :) The close-up photo is not to show you my blemishes 
or the disregarded bangs but the necklace. I have a penchant for matte-gold 
or antique-gold accessories. I hope you paid attention to the necklace more. :)

Angelina Jolie is drop-dead gorgeous! IMO, she would have been even more  
(healthy-looking) strikingly beautiful had she been 15-20lb heavier in that movie.
Details of the necklace to your right. :) 

top: kids of bayo
shorts/necklace: sm department store
bracelet: accessorize
belt: dorothy perkins
bag: malaika [japan]
shoes: suki

Wishing you all a lucky Wednesday? :)