Monday, February 28, 2011

For Your Tummy III

You can find the first and second yummy posts here and here. :)

This is just a quick post of what dessert I made for Sunday evening. This photo does not give my Sans Rival justice. I hope it looks mouth-watering in this shot:

Sans Rival
There are supposed to be layers of white and brown here. Forgive my first attempt. On my 2nd, though, I will 
make sure to minimize the amount of sugar by a good portion. Again, I don't have a sweet tooth. 
Just did this for a fun experimentation of no-bake Sans Rival. :)

I wish I could share this to everyone so you could play judge. :)

Have a crazy, sweet week ahead. :)

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Colorful Babushkas

In grade school, a friend sought my help in writing a love letter for a girl he was pursuing. The words colorful babushkas just had to be there. Understandably overwhelmed by the word, he asked, "babushkas?" 

Well, that was grade school. I bet he now knows what it means.

Ironically, my mother only bought white handkerchiefs as I didn't want them in any other color. And boy, did she buy dozens every so often because I always lost one a week, if not daily. :(

Here are no babushkas but they were as colorful as what I had in mind while writing the letter. :)

 I was educated about the importance of a handkerchief's quality at a very young age. 
But now, the designs and colors matter as much. 
Have a colorful weekend! :) 

Thursday, February 24, 2011


It will not surprise me if these shoes cry out for mercy any time. haha :) I can wear them all day/night long for as long as it's appropriate, of course.
Yesterday I waited on a line for 3 hours. You read it right. 3 hours. :(  
Since I knew it was going to be a test of endurance for both my patience and my feet, I thought I better be in functional clothes -- comfort first. You have met my comfiest pair of shoes numerous times before. :)


 dress: just g
sunnies: forever21
beanie: accessorize
bag: gift
belt: sm dept store

Almost weekend again! :)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Let me introduce to you my team, Team IRIS. 

2006. None among my straight guy members were enthusiastic about naming a team I would be owning for the next 5 years. The gay ones were so stoked about it, though. Hence, IRIS. :)

It was mandatory to name a team after a god/goddess from the Greek Mythology. So after confirming that they did not just make it up, I instantly agreed. IRIS. Perfect! :)

I knew from then on that I was going to be a proud leader. I still am so! :)

I had been told that my previous team had been planning for this for a long time. 
Thank you so much, guys! :) You know how much the team means to me. 
I love you, IRIS! You will always be in my ♥.

Hope you're all having a good day/night wherever you are on Earth. :)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sun + Sweet

Very sunny. Very hot! 

Unlike most, I don't enjoy this season. Yes, the pristine beaches of this country are definitely attractions one can only enjoy in the summer. But why was I born with skin that burns in pain in less than 5min of soaking up the sunshine even with a thick layer of sunscreen? Why oh why.. when it's really a dream of mine to go to Panglao Island in Bohol..

Look at that! So Heavenly! :)
Photo from here

Just sharing my biggest frustration.. Sorry.

So unrelated to the above.. is another day to pay the monthly dues.

 top: kids of bayo
jeggings: gift
bag: egg
sunnies: forever21

By now, I think, I've already given you enough hints (through my outfit posts) that I am attached to the hip with my watch and these super flat shoes, which I personally can't seem to classify as sneakers because they just aren't when worn.

Since it's made of canvas and a sole of only, more or less, 4mm thick, it's ultra soft you could feel what you're stepping on. I like the weightless feeling of walking with my feet as flat to the ground as possible. And they can breathe inside them, too!  What perfect pair it is for a day of banking and paying bills. :)

At the rate of how much it's being utilized, these will be very, very worn out really, really soon. It's not even a year old yet.. :( I should have bought 2 pairs because now, topshop no longer sells them. :(

Now, a treat for you for reading me.

Leche Flan! A sweet my palate can tolerate. I ♥ it!
So easy to make. Want to know how? :)

Need to sleep early for tomorrow. Ciao! :)

Danica Magpantay at EDFF Fasion Week

Sharing with you a photo I came across with while getting my daily dose of fashion inspiration from Saucy Glossie. Although I am not a fan of hers, I thought this is worth sharing/blogging because, after all, she's a Filipina making us proud by representing at the EDFF Fasion Week. :)

 Right: Danica M., Photo from here by Saucy Glossie
Left: One of my fave looks. Saucy Glossie herself. 

Speaking of Saucy Glossie, you should check her out! She's definitely someone to follow as her style is always elegantly put-together. So chic is she that's she's been featured in several glossy pages including Vogue and Elle, and, has been invited to multiple fashion events/shows. At times, to walk the runway. :)
Have a productive Tuesday! :)

Monday, February 21, 2011

Red Requirement

It is (sort of) a requirement to attend a family member's birthday celebration in red. Wearing a different color, especially black or dark blue, is a no-no. Do you guys have a similar practice? 

I had mentioned in a past entry that the weekend that just passed was special for 2 people in my family. And oh man, I never realized until this moment that I didn't have that many red in my closet. :(

top: kids of bayo
short: mint [DIY cutoff]
shoes: topshop
belt: uni qlo
bag: egg 

The bag is about 4 years old and looks more beaten-up in actual than in photos. I had to replace the sling with this rope belt because the original one could no longer stand the weight.

Smile and be + always! :)

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Birthday Presents

Are you as fickle buying presents for someone else as you are shopping for yourself? Because I am. 

I read somewhere a long time ago that the presents you give away are somehow the things that you would like to have for yourself, unless, they were predetermined or requested by the recipient. If you plan to buy a wristwatch, for example, for someone whose preference you have no idea of, you will end up purchasing one that is somewhat according to your liking. Thus, giving the phrase "a gift from me to you" a deeper meaning due to the personal touch. :)

What I wore last night while scouring the mall for 2 birthday presents for today. And like I said, it's like shopping for myself.. Enjoyed it! :) 

top: sm dept store
cardi: kids of bayo
shorts: robinsons dept store
shoes: topshop
bag: portmans
beanie: accessorize

Thank you to my husband for buying me this beanie. ♥

Happy Saturday! :)

Another One For Your Tummy

This is again a post for the hungry tummy (to make you even hungrier?)

This morning, I cooked mashed potatoes with (of course) gravy for breakfast. Anyone wants a scoop? It's another first for me but I swear, it's delicious! :) 

My personal preference: chunky mashed potato :)
So sad I could only share this virtually. It's really GOOD! 
And not because I cooked but it's perfect for my palate! :)

Now, off to another cooking spree! I'll update this later with a photo of what we had for lunch today. :)


Our staple food, rice, plus below for lunch.

Ground pork in tomato sauce + quail egg
Another hit for a first try! :)  

Enjoy your weekend. :) 

Friday, February 18, 2011

For The Tummy

No blog update does not necessarily mean I don't read yours. In fact, I read twice as much as I blog. And I tend to spend hours and hours reading that I end up tired and lacking spirit to write my own entry. 

But one thing I am guilty of the past couple days is watching cooking videos in youtube. :) I am so engrossed in them that, lately, I want to cook ALL the dishes I've seen the videos of. I swear, my head is stuffed with ingredients and recipes right now. hehe :)

So, I am going to do a slight(?) shift and include here what I cooked today. Try it! It's easy especially when you have videos from PanlasangPinoy and foodtrip28 to walk you through! :) 

 String beans + Squash in Coconut Milk
Chose this because it looks easy to cook. And yes it was!
Modesty aside, it's yummy for a first try! :)

Are you a good cook? What are your specialties?

Fashion Felony

My friend shared a link in facebook that contained an article about fashion designer Quiñones apologizing for re-tagging.

I am posting this not to (further) spoil his reputable name in the Philippine fashion industry but only because I feel that everyone in love with clothes/styling has to be in-the-know about what other things can possibly go wrong big time aside from a fashion faux pas.

I salute Puey for being able to face the accusation, for bravely admitting the wrongdoing and for swallowing his pride by apologizing publicly. That was a GREAT challenge for one who has an established, significant name. And doing so in just a few days from when the news sprouted means he intends to correct it, immediately.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


There's an unspeakable message that a personally handwritten letter sends to my heart. It moves me on an equally personal level. The warmth of love that wraps around me every time I'm given one is just genuinely pure. And, NOTHING can ever duplicate or replace it as far as my opinion is concerned. 

My husband and I do not celebrate V Day as much as other couples do. In fact, we both don't expect anything grand from each other because 
1. He thinks it's only for girls and 
2. For me, it's just an ordinary day not worthier than any other day of the year to celebrate love and faith for our loved ones. 
And it's been like this since we started dating. Just like what my father says about money: It's only as valuable as you make it to be.

So how do we make it valuable? Aside from secretly [not successful on my part] hiding a handwritten letter on a spot he knew I would not miss, he surprised me today with a floral greeting. I was full of mixed emotions. Read below.

He isn't the type who sends flowers; gadgets, more likely. LOL :D  
 You could only imagine how surprised I was because this was our first. 
First time for him to send and me to receive in 6 years of being together. :)

 Pink-tipped roses. ♥

Okay, now for the 'mixed emotions' part.. 

I was already in happy tears while reaching for the message card inside the box. But upon reading the first word, there was a sudden halt to the romantic background music playing in my head. I had to read the first word again and again, hoping it would magically transform into the name I am more commonly and acceptably known as.

In the first few seconds, I thought of crying with disappointment on the side. Disappointment on my husband's part because he might remember this as a failure. And yes, a bit of anger (for Flower Depot) for ruining a memorable, special moment.

 I wanted to sue them for jeopardizing my husband's surprise. 
When he confirmed that the flowers were exactly what he ordered, it was tamed to just an 
email message to let them know the damage. 

Right now, I'm just laughing it off. Yes, I am one who can appreciate the beauty and love through his thoughtfulness despite the imperfection created by an honest (I'm sure it is) mistake. :)

To my husband, 
You really don't have to, but, thank you for showing me your love through ways like this.
I love you today, as always. With or without flowers on Valentine's Day. :)

Sunday, February 13, 2011


From Saturday morning/afternoon..

To Saturday evening..

I did not enjoy the popcorn that did not pop! :( 
First heard about Sanctum through James Cameron's tweets. :) 

It took us a good 10-15minute discussion before finally deciding to watch Sanctum instead of 127 Hours. The Oscar-nominated film did not win over the picture that we couldn't miss to experience in 3D. And why did we have to discuss in the first place? Because we were there to see The Rite but was not in the theatre we hoped to view it in. :(  Gah.

Today, we had late lunch at Furusato Japanese Restaurant along Roxas Blvd and it's once again another fun-day-in-shorts. :)

Please excuse the messy hair.. hehe :D

 My top and shoes are from kids' section. :) 
Now you get a REALLY good idea of how tiny I am. 

Hope you had fun this weekend! The next one will be very busy for me. :)

Saturday, February 12, 2011

My Business This Saturday

Today is a fusion between new and old silhouettes, and, a collaboration of textures that were once (and continues to be) widely accepted and sought-after. Rules no longer exist and trends are almost negligible in this age in fashion, so, I didn't play by the rules nor trends.

Who said the silhouette of a pullover from the present and a woolen, A-line skirt of the past won't go well together for a serious business? 

top: forever21
skirt: bado
belt: cole vintage
shoes: suki
bag: miss veronica
necklace: sm dept store
I always describe this skirt as a granny skirt. It has the feel of it; the fabric, the length and the cut. If styled (in)correctly, this may well give you a 70's look depending on what you're trying to achieve. :)

Saturday is not yet over! Enjoy! :)

Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday Getup

What I wore today. Played it simple with minimal [almost none] accessories -- earrings and  a wristwatch only. I want to keep it clean.

 top: robinsons dept store
skirt: forever21
shoes: suki
I'm just loving the feel of this fabric against my skin. It's so soft that it flows gracefully while I walk. I hope to find one with long sleeves in any of these colors - black, white, cream or blush. 

Keeping this short. My shortest post, by far. Have to wake up early tomorrow so.. early to bed I go! :)

Have fun this weekend! :)

His Old, My New

Since the day I became an official bum, I started doing my all to be the best housewife I could be to my husband. It is part of my morning to prepare him breakfast and the clothes he would wear to work for the day. So far, being his stylist and the rest is far better a routine than what was last year. 

The point is..

I have always wanted a parka in military green. And since I have outgrown my love for furry hoods, I would be the luckiest to find one without it. :) This may seem easy for most but for someone my frame, this is a challenge that calls for major hunting spree.

Well, look what the jobless lucked out on! I discovered a treasure! In my husband's closet! :)

His size 'L' is my size 'perfect' for a short dress. :)

dress: from my husband's closet
belt: forever21
shoes: pill 
Did not bother to strap the shoes on and powder my nose for this photo because I was just simply trying it out. I can't wait to wear this. But like some of you, I hold on until the perfect time comes by. :)

It's Friday! :) 

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

4 Blogs I Strongly Suggest You Visit

Yes, she's a household name in The Philippines. I was not a fan of her as a celebrity.  But, I now appreciate her as one. I immediately got to know her as a person after discovering her blog. I strongly recommend that you give it a visit. You will fall in love with her character you will read back old entries. Her blog is not a bit about work or fashion but the life she lives as a family member, a friend, a responsible citizen  and  an ambassador to the youth of this country. No cameras, make up, and nifty clothes. It's herself sans the worldly accessories. And of course, her cartwheels. :)

This guy must be very busy as his last entry is very Christmas-y. His works are masterpieces of our time - art of the present and the future. His illustrations are dreamy. It's as if he had drawn inspiration from another dimension where all of his drawings were magnificently alive. It's worth seeing. :)

He is not a deer hunter. The blogs I come across are almost always fashion-related - clothes and shoes and accessories. Don't you think it'd be refreshing to be enlightened about fashion from another angle? The viewpoint which lets you follow and learn how clothes are made from scratch to finality. Which lets you understand the price tag and appreciate your thrift-ed treasures even more! :)

My admiration for models and curiosity on their personal lives have never gone down any lower since grade school. I am always amazed by their personal style and, most of all, their confidence to strike whatever pose they want and still look beautiful. One of them is Behati Prinsloo. I discovered her blog through Coco Rocha, who encouraged her to put one up where she could showcase her talent in photography. :) 

Care to share great blogs you follow with me? :)

Monday, February 7, 2011

Back From Internet Rehab

Got bitten by the lazy bug and left me swollen for 5 days. I only had a few minutes on Thursday to read email messages and tweets but it was no longer than 15 minutes. I was so lazy.

Well, if you're wondering.. the past week generally started at 6AM. Cooked breakfast, eat, sleep, lunch, watch TV until it's time for dinner and then back to bed for more TV. Until Friday, that's when I had to do an errand in another city. I hate banking. It's become even more complicated over time. 

Avocado fruit with only brown sugar. The dessert for two nights. Yum! :)

I did manage to take a couple of outfit shots, though. :) 

 top: just G
leggings: bleach catastrophe
shoes: topshop
hat: accessorize
bag: malaika [japan]

I just want to share that this pair of leggings is the softest! It's second-skin! In fact, some friends said that it could be mistaken for body-paint/tattoo from afar. :)

Yesterday was wonderful. Lunch with the family and then a friend of my husband's suddenly decided to drop by for our annual supply of Chinese New Year's cake (Nian Gao or Tikoy in Filipino). And, some catching up. :)  

Also, we finally had the chance to visit my alma matter - The Royal and Pontifical University of Santo Tomas. Which I had been meaning to do for the longest time! :)

These photos were taken before we heard the 5PM mass. 

The UST Main Bulding looks like it stands somewhere else not in The Philippines.

The university celebrated its 400th foundation day on January 28, 2011.
It was an important date for all living Thomasians because the next celebration as 
grand as this will not be until 2111. I wonder how they partied during its 100th and 200th anniversaries. hehe :)

A photo with my most favorite door behind me. Several years ago, I had a photo taken while 
standing by it. Obviously, that was impossible to do again due to the chains surrounding the 
Main Building's facade. Why? :(
I take pride in being one of the street party performers when the university started their very early preparation in 2001 for its 400th anniversary this January. That was some 10 years ago yet I could still relive the moment just by thinking about it. It was unforgettable. One of my bests! :)

After hearing mass, we walked around the campus to check out new buildings, monuments, etc. Basically, examined the changes. :)

The Quattro Mondial Monument

I just want to share that although my husband and I are both UST graduates, and, had attended classes in the same building 5 days or more per week for 5 years during college, it was only in 2004, when we were already alumni of the institution, that we met while working for a common company. :) 

On a different note, it's not unlikely to have the same favorite Thai restaurant within UST area. I don't think there's another one that specializes in Thai food aside from SR Thai Cuisine within walking distance from the school. However, we were disappointed it was closed yesterday. Perhaps because it's a Sunday which means no school, no students, no business. Our options were fast food stalls and the eatery on the 1st block of P. Noval Street from España. 

We avoid fast food. Hence.. my first time.

A very sad plate of beef tapa, egg and fried rice (tapsilog)
It was supposed to be their specialty! I was extremely disappointed.. :'(
Also, I am not a fan of colored dishes. Plastic is okay but not in birthday-party colors please. 

This compensated for the bad food. :)

Before leaving is the obligatory photo by The Arch of Century.
Did you know that this side of the arch is only a replica of the original/old one which is on its other side? :)
A rector once said: "UST is not only a school. It is a community."

Ending this with a photo taken using my laptop's web cam just now! :) 

Have a good day! :)