Saturday, February 26, 2011

Colorful Babushkas

In grade school, a friend sought my help in writing a love letter for a girl he was pursuing. The words colorful babushkas just had to be there. Understandably overwhelmed by the word, he asked, "babushkas?" 

Well, that was grade school. I bet he now knows what it means.

Ironically, my mother only bought white handkerchiefs as I didn't want them in any other color. And boy, did she buy dozens every so often because I always lost one a week, if not daily. :(

Here are no babushkas but they were as colorful as what I had in mind while writing the letter. :)

 I was educated about the importance of a handkerchief's quality at a very young age. 
But now, the designs and colors matter as much. 
Have a colorful weekend! :) 


AVA T.♥ said...

aww lovely handkerchiefs! I often lose my hankies too :(

Fashion Cappuccino said...

That's so cute!! I used to have handkerchiefs when I was little too! They're handy for everything and I used to tuck it in my skirt but of course I lost it. Have a wonderful weekend! xoxxoo

Ladawan said...

OMG! bakit walang ganito sa SM Sta.Rosa hahahha...lovely hankies you have there little sis..i remember once you asked me to post some of my hanky collections,,will do, naiinggit naman ako dito hahha kisses!

Hazel said...

Those are cute handkerchiefs!! if i were to own a dozen of them, i'd surely feel guilty if ever i lose one! haha :P

thegreenhairclip said...

Ava: do u also feel bad when u lose your hankies? coz i do.. =(

Fashion Cappuccino: i did the same hehe.. but now find it tacky.. so not anymore. :) hehe

Ladawan: nice noh?! :)

Hazel: you bet! i lost 2 already.. :(

Anonymous said...

i can so relae with this blog entry. i used to lose them handkerchiefs and my mom would buy those armando caruso hankies too in dozens.

nice blog! will liked yours to ours.