Tuesday, April 10, 2012


It was around 45min past 12mn of 8th March when my husband and I hailed a cab along the corner of our street to arrive at the hospital for the most anticipated momentous milestone in our lives.

Believe me, my mind was overflowing with thoughts, mostly horribly exaggerated, on what would and could happen the moment I stepped into the hospital's entrance door. I didn't have an idea. My heart was pounding as if it wanted to be released from my chest. The instructions were pretty basic. Be there by 1am and inform the nurses/resident doctors that I was experiencing contractions and already 3-4cm dilated. My doctor said that everything should just follow from there. And yes, it did.

The resident OB obviously came from a slumber. Her eyes were half-opened when she appeared before us. And her hair? Her hair was slightly disheveled. Despite that, though, she was very accommodating and pleasant. When she returned with papers/forms and started asking questions about my pregnancy, I realized that her eyes might already be half-opened but her consciousness was still asleep. A couple of questions were repeated as her memory was not yet ready to absorb the event. But I like her. And for that, I won't forget her last name. For its uniqueness, and, for being a look-alike of a college friend. 

Several minutes later, she called my OB to report. I heard her talked to my husband about admittance and got back to me to announce the same. I felt the doctors' and the nurses' concern when they left me with my husband for a few minutes. They made us feel understood. That as first-time parents, the few minutes in order for us to hug, kiss and say our prayer together before the long hours of waiting [birthing] was a meaningful moment they need to allow and respect.  

Skipping the details of my 12-hour nasty experience and the underrated pain of giving birth, here's the greatest gift of God to me and my husband after almost 4 years. 4 years of undying hope and remaining faithful that one day papa Jesus will send a stork toward our marriage. Meet Kaori. ♥