Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sun + Sweet

Very sunny. Very hot! 

Unlike most, I don't enjoy this season. Yes, the pristine beaches of this country are definitely attractions one can only enjoy in the summer. But why was I born with skin that burns in pain in less than 5min of soaking up the sunshine even with a thick layer of sunscreen? Why oh why.. when it's really a dream of mine to go to Panglao Island in Bohol..

Look at that! So Heavenly! :)
Photo from here

Just sharing my biggest frustration.. Sorry.

So unrelated to the above.. is another day to pay the monthly dues.

 top: kids of bayo
jeggings: gift
bag: egg
sunnies: forever21

By now, I think, I've already given you enough hints (through my outfit posts) that I am attached to the hip with my watch and these super flat shoes, which I personally can't seem to classify as sneakers because they just aren't when worn.

Since it's made of canvas and a sole of only, more or less, 4mm thick, it's ultra soft you could feel what you're stepping on. I like the weightless feeling of walking with my feet as flat to the ground as possible. And they can breathe inside them, too!  What perfect pair it is for a day of banking and paying bills. :)

At the rate of how much it's being utilized, these will be very, very worn out really, really soon. It's not even a year old yet.. :( I should have bought 2 pairs because now, topshop no longer sells them. :(

Now, a treat for you for reading me.

Leche Flan! A sweet my palate can tolerate. I ♥ it!
So easy to make. Want to know how? :)

Need to sleep early for tomorrow. Ciao! :)


Anonymous said...

Liked the outfit very much, such a cool laid back one, those jeggings are so cool and the bag is like the chrry on top, you look great! That leche flan, looks delish I love anything sweet like that!


cherie said...

ohhh bohol looks beautiful! and your outfit is casual chic too

Lok-Yin Lau said...

lovely photos (: