Tuesday, February 15, 2011


There's an unspeakable message that a personally handwritten letter sends to my heart. It moves me on an equally personal level. The warmth of love that wraps around me every time I'm given one is just genuinely pure. And, NOTHING can ever duplicate or replace it as far as my opinion is concerned. 

My husband and I do not celebrate V Day as much as other couples do. In fact, we both don't expect anything grand from each other because 
1. He thinks it's only for girls and 
2. For me, it's just an ordinary day not worthier than any other day of the year to celebrate love and faith for our loved ones. 
And it's been like this since we started dating. Just like what my father says about money: It's only as valuable as you make it to be.

So how do we make it valuable? Aside from secretly [not successful on my part] hiding a handwritten letter on a spot he knew I would not miss, he surprised me today with a floral greeting. I was full of mixed emotions. Read below.

He isn't the type who sends flowers; gadgets, more likely. LOL :D  
 You could only imagine how surprised I was because this was our first. 
First time for him to send and me to receive in 6 years of being together. :)

 Pink-tipped roses. ♥

Okay, now for the 'mixed emotions' part.. 

I was already in happy tears while reaching for the message card inside the box. But upon reading the first word, there was a sudden halt to the romantic background music playing in my head. I had to read the first word again and again, hoping it would magically transform into the name I am more commonly and acceptably known as.

In the first few seconds, I thought of crying with disappointment on the side. Disappointment on my husband's part because he might remember this as a failure. And yes, a bit of anger (for Flower Depot) for ruining a memorable, special moment.

 I wanted to sue them for jeopardizing my husband's surprise. 
When he confirmed that the flowers were exactly what he ordered, it was tamed to just an 
email message to let them know the damage. 

Right now, I'm just laughing it off. Yes, I am one who can appreciate the beauty and love through his thoughtfulness despite the imperfection created by an honest (I'm sure it is) mistake. :)

To my husband, 
You really don't have to, but, thank you for showing me your love through ways like this.
I love you today, as always. With or without flowers on Valentine's Day. :)


Honey Andrade said...

Awwwww...... In the end, its the thought that counts.. <3 I love getting flowers!!!!! Those are really beautiful ones!!! :)


its my first time to receive flowers too. the feeling is magical! Happy Valentines day! <3

Hazel said...

awww! speechless! (parang ako yung binigyan ng flowers noh?) HAHA =P pero oonga kainis naman panira yun :))

Michelle said...

This is sooooooo cute!! :)

BĂ©racha said...

Ah, how cute!

Fashion Cappuccino said...

That is so sweet of your husband!! Receiving flowers on any day is so special! I'm so glad you guys are so happy together! xoxoxoo

Mayet said...

ay, ka-inlove naman.

Katerina Bianca said...

SWEET. I am not really a fan of flowers but love it when I see people being so proud that they got one. Happy for you.

michelle_ said...

looks like you had an awesome valentine gift there ! i didnt do anything at all with my boyfriend ! haha

Kym said...

Hi Cherry! hahaha! If that happened to me, i'd probably jokingly be mad at my husband and ask if he intended to send the flowers to someone else. How thoughtful of your husband though :) He's kinda like my fiance... he's not big into flowers... he surprise me more with things he thinks i'll like or need. Like one time, he bought me a gadget for me to use in my car... it's not exactly flowers and chocolates but the thought was the most important part. :)

thegreenhairclip said...

@Kym: LOL :D I just brushed it off. It's not going to do us good in any way. I agree, it's the thought that counts. :D

thanks all for your comments. :)