Saturday, February 19, 2011

Birthday Presents

Are you as fickle buying presents for someone else as you are shopping for yourself? Because I am. 

I read somewhere a long time ago that the presents you give away are somehow the things that you would like to have for yourself, unless, they were predetermined or requested by the recipient. If you plan to buy a wristwatch, for example, for someone whose preference you have no idea of, you will end up purchasing one that is somewhat according to your liking. Thus, giving the phrase "a gift from me to you" a deeper meaning due to the personal touch. :)

What I wore last night while scouring the mall for 2 birthday presents for today. And like I said, it's like shopping for myself.. Enjoyed it! :) 

top: sm dept store
cardi: kids of bayo
shorts: robinsons dept store
shoes: topshop
bag: portmans
beanie: accessorize

Thank you to my husband for buying me this beanie. ♥

Happy Saturday! :)


mav said...

Aww sweet! Happy Birthday!

Hazel said...

i agree! sometimes i secretly want to own the gifts i give haha but of course, that would be so selfish of me to do that. :)) Love the casual outfit :)

procne said...

Beanie!!! I wanna have one too. Now that rainy days are back.

Fashion Cappuccino said...

You look so cute!! I think beanies are adorable but I only like wearing them if it's really cold. You're right about buying presents..I usually like to buy books or chocolates because they're "safe" and everyone likes chocolates :-) xoxoxoo

Hazel said...

hello stopping by again :D