Saturday, February 19, 2011

Another One For Your Tummy

This is again a post for the hungry tummy (to make you even hungrier?)

This morning, I cooked mashed potatoes with (of course) gravy for breakfast. Anyone wants a scoop? It's another first for me but I swear, it's delicious! :) 

My personal preference: chunky mashed potato :)
So sad I could only share this virtually. It's really GOOD! 
And not because I cooked but it's perfect for my palate! :)

Now, off to another cooking spree! I'll update this later with a photo of what we had for lunch today. :)


Our staple food, rice, plus below for lunch.

Ground pork in tomato sauce + quail egg
Another hit for a first try! :)  

Enjoy your weekend. :) 

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procne said...

Mashed potatoes are good alternatives for rice. Great for dieting equally filling but healthier.