Tuesday, February 8, 2011

4 Blogs I Strongly Suggest You Visit

Yes, she's a household name in The Philippines. I was not a fan of her as a celebrity.  But, I now appreciate her as one. I immediately got to know her as a person after discovering her blog. I strongly recommend that you give it a visit. You will fall in love with her character you will read back old entries. Her blog is not a bit about work or fashion but the life she lives as a family member, a friend, a responsible citizen  and  an ambassador to the youth of this country. No cameras, make up, and nifty clothes. It's herself sans the worldly accessories. And of course, her cartwheels. :)

This guy must be very busy as his last entry is very Christmas-y. His works are masterpieces of our time - art of the present and the future. His illustrations are dreamy. It's as if he had drawn inspiration from another dimension where all of his drawings were magnificently alive. It's worth seeing. :)

He is not a deer hunter. The blogs I come across are almost always fashion-related - clothes and shoes and accessories. Don't you think it'd be refreshing to be enlightened about fashion from another angle? The viewpoint which lets you follow and learn how clothes are made from scratch to finality. Which lets you understand the price tag and appreciate your thrift-ed treasures even more! :)

My admiration for models and curiosity on their personal lives have never gone down any lower since grade school. I am always amazed by their personal style and, most of all, their confidence to strike whatever pose they want and still look beautiful. One of them is Behati Prinsloo. I discovered her blog through Coco Rocha, who encouraged her to put one up where she could showcase her talent in photography. :) 

Care to share great blogs you follow with me? :)


Michelle said...

I followed Bianca Gonzales. :)) She's actually pretty interesting! :0

procne said...

Wow. Thanks for this sis!

Hazel said...

among the bunch, it's only bianca gonzales' blog that i've read before... thanks for sharing the 3 others :)

Mayet said...

would love to check her blog. I think she's really good.

Fashion Cappuccino said...

Oooh, great blogs!! I love Behati's blog! Didn't know that one before and I'm obssessed with models so I will be following her now! Thank you for introducing them to us! xoxoxoo

thegreenhairclip said...

@Michelle and Hazel: Bianca is beauty and brains. I like her so much, NOW. :)

@Fashion Cappuccino: you're welcome :)