Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Let Your Heart Fly

On Sunday, I went to a christening celebration at noon. I was not able to take that many photos because I enjoyed the program so much! It's really the reason why I attend kiddie parties. LOL :) The host did a great job in entertaining the crowd - children and adults, alike. He is a program host, a magician and a ventriloquist rolled into one! :) 

Here is a photo of [me on] the stage. :)

Me, captured from a height of approximately 6ft and 2 meters away.
My husband does a natural job in making me look tinier. :)
Just a wacky pose and I belong! LOL :)

The following day was a scheduled get-together with a dear friend. This is meaningful to our friendship as she's leaving for Singapore with uncertain plans of return. :( I would like to introduce you to her (through photos) but I'm not comfortable sharing pictures of other people (unless permitted) in this blog. Forgive me.

We had lunch at Kenny Rogers Roasters; bought tickets for the 3:45pm screening of The Tourist; tried to find myself a decent pair of plain black or brown shoes 45min before the movie, epic fail by the way. Got ourselves 2 big bags of buttered popcorn with drinks and seated 2 minutes before the movie started! :) Buzzer beater! :)

 My hair is a wilderness! :) The close-up photo is not to show you my blemishes 
or the disregarded bangs but the necklace. I have a penchant for matte-gold 
or antique-gold accessories. I hope you paid attention to the necklace more. :)

Angelina Jolie is drop-dead gorgeous! IMO, she would have been even more  
(healthy-looking) strikingly beautiful had she been 15-20lb heavier in that movie.
Details of the necklace to your right. :) 

top: kids of bayo
shorts/necklace: sm department store
bracelet: accessorize
belt: dorothy perkins
bag: malaika [japan]
shoes: suki

Wishing you all a lucky Wednesday? :)


// krissy ♥ said...

Pretty necklace! How was the movie? I would like to watch it, I hope it'll still be available tomorrow.

Anagon =) said...

Pretty! :) And Ilove your bangs kaya! :) Pretty necklace nga. Hope I can make something as classy...Mine are too trendy/teeny heheheh :)) Love Jolie too, kahit I love Jen too death hahaha...Ganda niya sa The Tourist! :D And syempre andun kasi si BF! Hehehe!

Hazel said...

i agree! angelina is drop-dead gorgeous! i like her role in the tourist! very fierce and edgy character :) love the necklace btw!! :D really in sm dept store lang yan? lucky find :)

<3 hazel

thegreenhairclip said...

@krissy: it was ok. it's angelina and johnny eh.. :) so u have to watch. :)

@Ana: thanks! your accessories have a market! teens will always be around! :) and they're fun! i'm excited to see the A N A G O N pieces! :)

hindi ko type sa BF mo yung long hair.. :) hehe

@Hazel: yes, it is! but don't go looking for it now ha. it's >2yo. :)

Ladawan said...

very like like ko ang necklace mo and i love angelina!

thegreenhairclip said...

thank you! :) who doesn't love her?! :)