Sunday, January 23, 2011

Languages I Speak

No, I don't speak that many other languages aside from English, Filipino, a few Chinese [Fookien and Mandarin] words and some Nihonggo I learned to survive in Tokyo just in case I got lost.:)

The languages I'm referring to here are the songs that speak to me, soul-deep. These may represent my personality, wants, current situation, emotions, dreams, goals, etc in the form of lyrics and music. The beat of these songs also reflects the mood I am in. 

When I get hooked to a song, I would listen to it multiple times until it ends up in my list as one of the songs to play on repetition. I don't get tired of them immediately. In fact, my appreciation could last months or years. 

My playlist as of today. These are direct links to their videos in youtube. If you have not listened to them yet, please take a moment to discover your next favorite song. :)

Affirmation [Savage Garden] - upbeat, a song to brighten you up on a sad day.

Lost in Space [Lighthouse Family] - his voice is angelic! 

Make Me Whole [Amel Larrieux] - an all-time favorite; she has my favorite female voice! :)

Make You Feel My Love [Adele] - this is one version I am in love with. Click here for a male version if you want to be serenaded. Seriously, the guy's voice would make you shiver!!! Click, click! :)

Private Emotion [Ricky Martin + Meja] - this has just been sent to me over email by a good friend. And I fell in love with it as soon as I heard the intro! :)

Listen to music. It is the language of the soul. :)


Fashion Cappuccino said...

I find music important part of my life! I listen to the beatles almost everyday. I have a tendercy to listen to my favorite songs over and over again and only listen to new songs if I accidentally hear it on the radio or from blogging like this :-). I'll definitely check those music now! xoxoxooo

// krissy ♥ said...

Wow, I love everything except for Make Me Whole as I haven't heard it before. Gonna listen to it now :)

Hazel said...

nice choices dear! will download some of the songs now! :) i badly need new music! hahaha

<3 hazel

THE CHEAP said...

I love Adele. Her voice is so soulful :)


thegreenhairclip said...

@Fashion Cappuccino: I discover new songs through friends and then I find out that my 3yo niece already knows the lyrics to them.

@krissy/Hazel: please do listen to these songs. I'm sure that you will pick up one as a fave!:)

@THE CHEAP: I sooo agree! :)

ZANAH said...

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