Friday, January 28, 2011

Random Shots III

Here you go! The third installment of the unsolicited photo-flooding. It seems that a lot of you enjoyed Random Shots I and II so let me share with you another set of pictures from my trip to Japan in 2010. 

 it's so green. I'm gonna die!!! :)
This MUST definitely be because of unpolluted air!

This is the COOLEST science museum I've ever been to! Our technology is indeed decades behind!
Left: a tornado simulator that you are allowed to touch/feel!!! 
Right: cosmodriving for real! It's a free ride inside the museum that lets 
you experience maneuvering a space shuttle. :)

 The most thoughtful are those who think of everyone's, especially the children, convenience. 
The stone steps are to help little ones reach and throw garbage in the bin properly.
In this photo, they segregate trash into 5. Makes me wonder what these 5 are.

 This was homemade and looking at this now makes me miss it!!! 
It was one of the best I've tasted! :) 

 I finished all of this! You can't blame me. It was SO good! :)

 Interiors of one of our favorite restaurants - Tapas and Tapas. Coat hangers by the washroom door. 
Wine glasses in a birdcage-like hanging planter(?). So homey. :)

 Japanese love pasta! They have the widest variation! :) When I visit a pizzeria for the first time, I always ask 
for my favorite, the basic, Margarita. It's sort of a test before I try other pizza toppings on the menu. 
If that fails, I will have second thoughts of coming back. 
Tapas and Tapas has the best Pizza Margarita, so far, in my list of 7 pizzerias. :)

I chose this mook among many others because Cath Kidston is not common and widely distributed locally.
The handbag comes with a mirror and a tissue holder. Cute! :)

 So, here we are! :) Their Disneyland is about 3 times bigger than the one in HK.
Disneysea is completely different and is located somewhere else. It is visited by lovers/couples more. :)

 Left: Pirates of The Caribbean staff in uniform. Cute! :)
Right: That is a sample of a common Japanese street style. BUT, how could you 
possibly enjoy a ride in that pouf-y skirt?!

 Right: So this is how turkey leg tastes like! 7 inches long and meaty! :) It's yummmmmy!!! :) 
Left: The canoe ride burned all the calories from the turkey leg. LOL :) The oar was very heavy! :)

 The streetlamps with hands were all well-thought-of. You wouldn't notice because you'd be busy looking 
at bigger attractions. But some of these were curled, stooped, etc which added fun! :)
To your right is me trying to pick up a 10,000lb dumbbell that has fallen and broken the concrete floor. :)

 It was beginning to get dark when we left. We enjoyed it so much! However, I should have 
layered myself more with thicker garments. It was around 20degC plus wind! :)

 Stay left. The cars do as well. They have right-hand driven cars. The Fast and The Furious 2 -Tokyo Drift 
is a not only a movie but a testament to how fast they drive (men and women). They can afford to do so 
because everyone [except the monk here, LOL :) ]follows traffic rules to the letter. Staying left while on 
an escalator is to give way and keep safe from people (a lot during rush hours in busier stations) who are 
running (literally in a hurry).

 Pasta Spasso Cafe is also a favorite! :) They serve spaghetti, salad, drinks and dessert only. Spaghetti is, 
of course, the specialty and what people line up outside the resto for. First, select your plate size which is 
available in M, L and LL, and then, choose your spaghetti sauce. If you're curious as to how different their 
spaghetti sauces are, click here. The have about 8 to 10 options. ALL serving sizes are priced at the same 
value, only Y680! :) Combos start at Y810 to Y1100. IT'S WORTH IT!!! :)

 Hope you enjoyed! Have a Happy Friday! :)


aka Procne said...

Whoaaaa. I am sooo jealous. One of my dream destinations is JAPAN! Is it expensive there? I hope I can score an exchange program or scholarship so I can have an extended stay!

Fashion Cappuccino said...

OMG, all that food!! It makes me miss Japan so much! I used to visit my uncle when I was little; he lives there! I also visited Tokyo Disneyland and I still have so much memories! xoxoxoxo

thegreenhairclip said...

@aka Procne: i met a japanese girl in 2007 who was in manila for a month, as an exchange student. it think it was thru CSB or DLSU. it's possible. :)

@Fashion Cappuccino: let me know when you're going back. :) maybe we could meet there! maybe! :)

Honey Andrade said...

Really nice pictures!! Nagutom ako sa food pics!!!

Hazel said...

bring me to japan, pleaaaase =P

by the way, Cath Kidston pala yuuun! I saw these on Greenhills awhile ago hahaha. apparently, meron na imitation dito BOOHOO!

<3 hazel

thegreenhairclip said...

@Honey: thank you! :) kahit ako nagugutom whenever i see this eh..:)

@Hazel: let's go! :) ang bilis talaga ng knockoff noh! :) hehe

Ladawan said...

Disney Land! pangarap ko to bring my kids there!

KANI said...

that sushi and floral bag is making me drool!

thegreenhairclip said...

@Ladawan: you should not miss it! :) Go!

@KANI: the floral bag is so you! :) I can imagine the number of ways you can incorporate it in your style! :)