Thursday, January 27, 2011

I love you today, as always.

My husband reads my posts religiously. He has been doing so for 6 years although we only married in 2008. I have an account with live spaces, which used to be msn spaces, that has been around since 2004. That blog documented almost all major transitions in my life, including him. :)

Now that we are under one roof and I have a new blog, he waits until his home to personally comment (make fun) of my posts. But I don't want him to stop because I love the awkward feeling and embarrassment that brings me. :) I find it cute and child-like when he scrutinizes my photos (the outfit posts, especially). He does not understand at all.

That's because he's a geek! :) 

The internet for him is only for downloading HD movies, technical research about technical stuff, watching reviews regarding the latest gadgets or those he's eying, football, and PS3-games/Apps/other geeky-related things you can think of.  He didn't even know who Susan Roces was until Fernando Poe Jr. died! Whaaat?!
It will not take a geek to know what these are. But not every household has them, right?
Especially the CPU stand! Especially.. *nodding* With wheels, huh?! :)

I'd just like to share that people are noticing because we received a set of pillow covers this Christmas that has prints "Beauty" on one and  "TheBeast" on the other. LOL :)

I wrote this to give him a light dose of his medicine. So today, when he gets home, I will receive him with a SMILE stretched between my ears. He cannot make fun of this right? *wink*

Ah, sweet revenge! :)


Mai said...

Sweet revenge indeed xD That's cute, haha. The Beauty & Beast pillow cover set is adorable!

KHG said...

First! Hahaha, I am surprised to see my workstation in your blog... :)Now that's something different!! :)

Michelle said...

Ohmygosh! You two are sooo cute! :)

....and, back when I had a CPU still, my mom (since she owns a furniture making place) made me a CPU stand.....


thegreenhairclip said...

@KHG: something different?! :)

@Michelle/Mai: thanks! :)

aka Procne said...

NAKS NAMAN! ;p Ang sweet ng hubby mo. its the littlest things that counts noh?

AVA T.♥ said...

aww cute! my hubby does the same thing too :) he reads my blog :) and i love the cute pillow case!

Reg Rodriguez said...

such a sweet post!!! :) my boyfriend doesn't comment much about my blog but my guyfriend does - all the time :| i guess guys just don't understand. haha!


ps- winner ung pillowcase! :)