Friday, January 21, 2011

Random Shots II

WARNING: This is a photo-laden post.

Here goes another entry about my trip to Japan last April.  The first one can be read here. I just want to share why Japan is such a wonderland through these photos. Enjoy!

 Jam-pack much? I swear, you will not find 
what you're looking for unless you ask! But before you can do that, 
you have to squeeze your way in first.

 Their sweets are my kind. Not sweet at all. Just right!  :)
By the way, these are not prototypes. :)
Omnomnom! :D

This is my favorite trinket/accessories shop in Japan.
So chic! Owned by a guy [straight!], who mans the store himself!
And one of the few shops where you can deal in English! :)
If you're buying presents, he'd wrap it for free! :)

 In the Philippines, leaving your bicycle in the open 
means you're giving it away. In Japan, they just park it
outside while doing grocery shopping.

 The radish is more than a foot long. 
AND, about 3 inches in diameter! GIANT! :)

 I am astounded not by how freely they bike around 
but by the women/girls who do in their skirts or business attire [also men in suits] 
and stilettos on their way to and from school or work.

 He is a monk. He walks about 5 times as fast as I do.
AND, he jaywalked! Yes, he did! Haha :D
I wish I had taken a photo as evidence.

 Where to go is not a problem. HOW to go there is. Uh oh! :S

 This is the play area inside the city hall. Love the wooden toys! :)
You can leave your kids while doing government transactions.

 Sorry if you find this an unpleasant photo to post. 
I just cannot NOT share one of their high-tech gadgets! Hehe :)
It plays music if you don't want others to hear you pee.
Wait, there's more! Just press a button and the seat warms!!! :D

I did not intend for this to be the next photo - so inappropriate, 
yet deliciously funny! :)

  Instructions for apartment tenants on how/when to dispose wastes. OC!

They have books about everything, including Twitter Guide for dummies!

 No smoking area [in a parking lot in front of a provincial train station].

We were guests for a night in this very lovely home. This is a dream house! :)  
In Japan, very few own a house. Having one, especially in the city, 
symbolizes above-average social status.

 Homemade Takoyaki is the best! YUMMY, as in! :)

 Where they got the peace sign has left us wondering for a long time, right?
This is the answer. It was engraved in stone, literally! Hehe :)

 A field of blue & red. This is a serene sight. :)

 I entered a maze in this huge park and was congratulated by 
this big volcano-shaped exit when I finished. This photo was taken
while inside it. Definitely worth the exhaustion! :)

 This is an uphill. Beautiful. Peaceful. 
One that cannot be found in the city. *sigh*

Ending this post with a photo of me and Woody! :)

 I still have tons of photos to share, so maybe next time? :)



i really wanted to go to japan! haha my dream travel! seriously! :] i asked my parents for a japan tour. they gave me hongkong tour though :[[ maybe next time! really nice photos!!

Fashion Cappuccino said...

OMG, this reminds me so much of my trip to Japan a long time ago. Especially the desserts...I can't get enough of anything Japanese foods. And yeah, they have books on everything, toys that totally blow my mind and it seems like they're always a little ahead of everyone. Great pictures and I'm so glad you had a fun time! xoxoxooo

Hazel said...

omygooosh! i want to visit JAPAN.. as in now na! haha! or i can live there! parang everything is so orderly and clean! And sosyal ng toilet ha!! :>

Ladawan said...

waaaa kelan kaya ako makakapunta dyan?...nice pictures you have there!

thegreenhairclip said...

Thank you for appreciating the photos. :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your sweet comment in my blog dear :-) You have a pretty cool blog!

thegreenhairclip said...

Thank you, Efril! :D

Michelle said...

The caption of the first photo made me laugh! :))

Anagon =) said...

I LOOOVE all the photos, but most especially all the trivia and comments that came with them! :D Grabe dream destination!!! :)))

PS: Ang COOL lang ng toilet, grabe!!! They think of all the littlest details, Hahaha! :D

thegreenhairclip said...

Their inventions are the coolest! :)
You should visit! :D

I Am Alexa said...

Wow. Japan looks fun! I sooo wanna travel there! :)

thegreenhairclip said...

You should! :) Their street fashion is THE best! :)