Friday, January 21, 2011

Not Your Doctor's Coat

I really do not know what my style is. But I guess, what I had on today would be classified as 'preppy'. I am gravitated towards and would like to be in these looks, anyway. So, maybe it is! 

Again, the photos are of poor quality as they are a product of my phone. Sorry.

Do you think it was a wrong decision to buy this eyelet coat? It's so white! I've had this for half a year now and used it only today. Let me know how you would style it for yourself. Suggestions are welcome! Thanks in advance! :) 

top: robinsons dept store
pants/coat: kids of bayo
shoes: suki
belt: cole vintage
One downside of not having a photographer 
is a seemingly levitating shot of yourself. :S

I wish I had better photos. :( Gah.

Looking forward to a happy Friday! :)


Hazel said...

you do look like a doctor on the first photo, but hey.. that's not a bad thing at all! :) at least you'll look more professional hehe :)

thegreenhairclip said...

with the matching doctor's satchel haha :D

I guess it's a good thing, yes. :D

Fashion Cappuccino said...

It's a beautiful eyelet coat! More stylish than the traditional bland coat. I love both of your outfits! xoxoxoo

Kym said...

i like the coat! although i myself am not very good with white things b/c i get them dirty so fast! i'm pretty clumsy so i always spill things on it. hahaha!

thegreenhairclip said...

@Fashion Cappuccino: Thank you! :D
@Kym: exactly! they are already
"putim" [puti/itim] by the time the day ends. :)

Michelle said...

Loved the way you styled it! And just in case you were interested in this particular picture that you was in the link, I found one pretty much exactly the same in Market! Market! in the Fashion Market area! I would totally wear those pants with that blazer.

thegreenhairclip said...

Thank you, Michelle! :D I find preppy style cool. :D

KANI said...

thankyou for visiting my blog lovely :):)