Friday, January 7, 2011

I live in my shorts

Although I don't have that many pairs, I am most comfortable in shorts - night or day. The only time I cannot go out in them is when I'm headed to work or to hear mass, and, during those occasions when we are expected to abide by certain dress codes like weddings.

December, aside from the summer season, is when I get to wear my short pairs a lot. It is the most convenient piece to be in when out for Christmas shopping, quick lunch and short tours between my home in Manila and Quezon City. So here are some photos of how I rocked them casually during the yule season.

 top: forever21
short: true love
belt: uni qlo
necklace: forever21

 top: terranova
short: robinsons dept store
belt: dorothy perkins

 top: forever21
shorts: mango
shoes: suki
sunnies: forever21

top: just g
shorts: true love
bag: malaika [japan]
shoes: suki
necklace: robinsons mall


Fashion Cappuccino said...

I love wearing shorts! I have to since where I live is hot year round! Cute outfits! xoxoxoo

Channie said...

I live in my shorts too. But I can only wear them when Im out since we wear uniforms in school.

xx, Channie

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thegreenhairclip said...

@Fashion Cappuccino: thank you! :) your blog is full of beautiful photos, i love it!

@Channie: I understand how you feel. Been there! :)