Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Wine & Milk

This blog was accompanied with a pledge that not a day would pass without a single post. But the 29th was a groggy moment. And the reason behind that is depicted below. It was so strong (or maybe I had an empty stomach to start with) that two sips sent me spinning right away. Just an FYI, I favor white over red. :)

 We celebrated a family member's birthday at home. 
Stayed in because a couple of us were sick with cough and flu. :(
This put me and got me out of the bed unusually early (for me). NO hangover.

As soon as both of the sickly in the family were feeling better (the next night!), we were ready to go out. We were itching to satisfy our gastronomic nourishment with some Chinese food from Tao Yuan  Restaurant situated along Malvar Street in Malate, which is just a few blocks walk from home. No photos, sorry. :(

Today, I just had to stretch out and pick up some groceries. Prior to that was another Sbarro occasion for a super late lunch. 
My day is not complete without vegetables - raw or cooked. This pizza used to be my favorite during the early 2000's (90's is short for 1990's but how do we refer to 2000's?) but it has now become too bread-y. :(
I will not order this again. 

If the other night was wine night, tonight is lactose-full. While shopping for groceries, my husband thought I should restore my fondness for milk. He probably noticed I wasn't growing any taller and few more ounces of it might help. LOL :) But see, I used to chug liters of fresh milk daily to a point wherein it had become my only source of fluid. That, consequently, caused my mother to end the supply. :)

I love you, milk!
Have a creamy white mustache night to me! :)

 Now, a dull photo of the boring blogger. 
The crazy-dotted shorts caught my eye immediately. It's so cute it has to be in my closet! :)


Fashion Cappuccino said...

I should take a clue from you and start eating my veggies everyday but I'm so bad at eating healthy. Today, I had some fried noodles..that's about it. hehe. Oh, and I love milk too, especially chocolate milk :-) xoxoxoo

Hazel said...

i got an award for you =)

click me!

<3 hazel

Honey Andrade said...


AVA T.♥ said...

aww cute outfit!:) and the food made me hungry ah!:)

thegreenhairclip said...

@Honey: happy birthday, dear! :)
@Ava: thank you.. kakagutom ang mga food posts noh..:)