Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Hotel I Would Like To Call Home

I can't remember when I first heard about hotels and learned its concept but there's one of which the reputation has remained seriously etched in my mind. As a child, I was amazed by stories about Manila Hotel I heard from the elderly. I used to imagine its grandeur and fantasize dancing below its majestic vintage chandeliers in a lovely long nude chiffon gown covered in crystals that glitter romantically. *sigh..

Have you been there recently? They must be preparing for their 100th because they have just undergone a huge renovation - rooms, the swimming pool, cafe ilang-ilang, etc..

 Red carpet entrance greeting daily is synonymous to elegant living. Imagine living here for 6 years like 
General MacArthur! Wow! :) My outfit was garbage compared to those who entered in their 
cocktail dresses (for a wedding reception). I wasn't there to party, anyway. :)

 View of Manila Hotel's lobby from the platform where I stood on the first photo. 

I will forever be in love with its imperial, intimidating lobby and ambiance because despite that, the natural light that seeps in invites you not into a hotel but a home. The sun shining through the glass doors and windows makes it very cozy. :)

Ernest Hemingway: "It's a good story if it's like Manila Hotel." 

There may be new, proud and more regal hotels in the country but there can never be one with such rich history that only its walls can tell like Manila Hotel.
Left: third floor lobby
Right: our room door (from inside the room)

It's really old but it's what makes it special and significant. :)
I believe this was renovated early last year. 

I wish I was able to capture a photo of the new Cafe Ilang-Ilang. It's completely different from the FilipiƱana green that it used to be. With brick walls and pillars with steel ornaments, it looks more now. My only complaint is it's too cold for a dining area. In case someone who works in Manila Hotel reads this, please do something about it. :)

This weekend will be a children's party with the entire clan of my father's! I'm always excited to attend one because of the program, the face painting, the ice cream and the kids. :)

Hope you have something special to look forward to this coming weekend. :)


Michelle said...

I was scanning the pictures and I was like, how old time-ish and then I saw that it was Manila Hotel and I was like "kaya pala"

Oh and here's a video on how to choose the perfect red lipstick. :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your sweet comment!
And this would be amazing to live in! :)

Liya said...

it has these creepy oldish vintagey look :D i like this place

Reg Rodriguez said...

i'm just imagining how it must've been like to walk these halls 100 years ago! parang old-world glam talaga :)

about liam neeson, yup, he was there, he was the german melanie griffith worked for/spied hahaha!


Michelle said...

I tagged you BTW

thegreenhairclip said...

thank you girls for dropping by :) i appreciate your kind comments :)

@Michelle: thanks for the link, watching it now. and for tagging me. will post mine soon. :)

@Reg: I forgot that Liam was in the movie or maybe I just didn't know him yet then :) thanks for the info :)

A. said...

I love this pics !
so beautiful !
come to visit my blog,there's a giveaway ! :)

Isabela said...

looks really nice :)

Fashion Cappuccino said...

What an amazing hotel! It would be a dream come true to stay there for a few days! I especially love the bedroom! xoxoxoo


what a great design!!