Friday, March 11, 2011

My Heart and Prayers For Japan 03.11.11

I have been vocal about my love for my family's second home, about why I consider her as a wonderland, amazed by her beauty, culture and roots. Not to mention the kind, thoughtful and the most polite and interestingly fashionable people I've encountered in my life so far. 

This is what I fear the most because these natural disasters are uncontrollable and unpredictable. If only someone had forecasted that an earthquake as massive and powerful as M8.9 would strike 130km off their coast, we could have prepared and geared ourselves to protection. We could have issued a warning to those who would be affected.

I am really sad. My heart breaks. My thoughts and prayers tonight are for the affected people in Japan. They are still experiencing aftershocks as of current and these are even more dangerous than the first hit as it could shake down and collapse buildings to the ground - worse, additional casualties. I could only wish for it to stop. They have now suffered too much and every shake that follows would be extremely traumatic already. 

I am positive that the Japanese people would be able to resurface from the extensive damage. They have proven to the world in so many ways that they are a strong nation and a disciplined one.

For now, I pray for them to have at least a good, peaceful night sleep, a moment to rest. A break. Because tomorrow, when they wake up, they will need energy and emotional strength to brave the scary aftermath. :( 


Michelle said...


I just can't express how sad this makes me. It depresses me.

Also, I hope nothing would happen to the Philippines too. :( The looks on our helpers' faces when they were watching for news whether their hometown was in danger was heart breaking.

I pray that everyone will be safe and no harm will come to anybody.


Liya said...

:( :(