Wednesday, February 15, 2012

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My husband and I had a Valentine's lunch after my check up. And what better news one could ever receive than to hear that in as early as 5 days from today I could give birth to our first born, Kaori. Isn't that just what love is all about? ♥ 

Just want to share with you some photos of me and our gastronomic adventures earlier at a mall in the neighborhood.

 Currently 112lb and 9 months
Just couldn't let a photo opportunity at this valentine setup pass

 Can't be a complete meal without the greens
I love the dressing and the satisfying deliciousness it creates with the fruits and everything with it! :)

 Definitely NOT my plate!

 Fillet Mignon, tiny but super heavy! Half of this slab was enough, believe me!

Mango Bene by Mary Grace
 I wanted this photo to be bigger than the rest because it just deserves to be so! 
Like I always say, Mary Grace never disappoints. I can select anything on the menu in the dark 
as my order and still be confident I won't regret. ♥

 Brewed coffee with Almond
 I had to completely cut caffeine out since I tested positive. Although some friends were
given consent by their OBs to just limit intake to a cup or 2 in the latter half of their pregnancy, 
I just couldn't risk it. Anyway, I had given it up 10 years ago so it shouldn't be at all a problem. 
Except that.. this coffee smells terrific! I really really wanted to beg for a sip! 

This is it for now! Hope you enjoyed the food photos as much as I enjoyed them in actual. Did you enjoy your valentine's day? :)

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lovely blog!
such a perfect style!!! =D