Friday, March 25, 2011

Smelly Post

There's always something to love about the proud local brand, Bench. In my case, it's not the clothes or accessories. If you've read even one of my outfit posts, you'd understand why. :) 

I patronize them for the scents. :)  Every time I enter a Bench boutique, I go straight to the fragrance area and smell the testers. Smell, not spray. When a scent catches my attention, I try it on skin. DO NOT RUB as it wounds the fragrance. And, there's no need to worry about the cost since they are all very affordable. :)

A good cologne should last about 2-4 hours, toilette 4-6 hours, while parfum 6-8 hours. Today, I discovered a new scent I am sure I would go back to Bench for the moment I've emptied the bottle. 

It's called Remember

 Love and Remember, both from herbench are less than Php300 and Php200, respectively.
These are cool scents. ♥

I am fond of soft floral scents. The only fragrance I find hard to tolerate is those of vanilla, strong or soft. It's just too sweet for my nose and throat. In fact, today, I had to ask a public vehicle driver to pull over because I couldn't stand his car air freshener in vanillaroma (those pine tree-shaped boards they hang at the rear-view mirror).

Left: Foxy Lady has a warm, woody aroma which I am not really into. 
Right: I use the Kiwi Frost on days when I have dance rehearsals. Kiwi scents are one of my favorites.
It gives me an after shower feeling that I love so much! :)

There used to be a time when I only sprinkled myself with branded fragrances but what I studied in college enlightened me about how much of the money I paid for these colognes were due to the packaging -- ranging from 70-90% of the cost. From then on, I realized I didn't need that many signature scents when all I wanted in the first place was to smell clean and fresh for myself. And I sometimes use my cologne as room air deodorizer and hand perfume (when I know I'll be shaking someone's hand in a few minutes), so it wasn't really smart to be wasting thousands for that purpose. That's just my opinion. I'm sure someone out there has opposite views, which I respect. :)

Finally, bangles that do not fall off! Got them in warm tones to pop out in any outfit. :)

P.S. I was tagged by Michelle in a post that requires me to shoot a video while answering a few trivial questions. No promises that it will be up soon as I am still trying to figure out how to record a video with good sound quality. I never thought this was going to be a difficult challenge. :(


Michelle said...

I hope you figure it out with the sound and everything! I'm looking forward to watching your video! :)

And I only literally have two perfumes! LOL

mathea said...

i'm quite excited with that video.

Hazel said...

i love bench perfumes/colognes too! have you tried their green tea? :) and long time no blog ha? :(

Rania K. said...

I like soft floral fragrances too,and when I find something I really like,I buy only this for a long time

cherie said...

i do have lucy torres' bench fragrances, they smell so feminine! i also tried the Greta perfume, such a sophisticated smell

Kym said...

i LOVE Bench! I mean, i've only been there very few times since I don't live in the Philippines but i've also always loved their signature scents. I'll be sure to stock up when i visit in June!