Thursday, April 14, 2011

For Your Tummy V

I grow a monster that must be fed every 4 hours. So when I stay up late, I make myself midnight snacks that would prevent the grumbling until morning. :)

Last night, I had homemade pizza! Allow me to share the steps, which are VERY easy, by the way! :)

These are the ingredients used for my first homemade pizza which only took 30min including preparation:
~sweet ham
~tomato sauce
~quick-melting cheese
~powdered black pepper

1. Slather a good amount of tomato sauce on the bread. Sprinkle a pinch of powdered black pepper (I add this onto almost anything I cook/make!) 

2. Now be generous and add slices of sweet ham and mushroom. 

3. Top it, load it. With cheese! And more cheese! :)

Yummmy!!! :) 

Any easy recipes of mouth-watering snacks/dishes/desserts you can share? Thanks in advance! :)


Kym said...

hahaha we have the same monster :P i'm definitely a snacker... i gotta munch on smth every 2-3 hrs. :P home made pizza is the best! i love mine with the basics (tomato sauce and cheese) with mushrooms, bacon, salami, and green peppers. Yum!

Michelle said...


The Beauty-Addict said...

wow! i want mushroooomssss! yum yum ^^

Anne Garais said...

mouth watering!!! :))

missy s said...

oh yummmmmy treat!!! i might try this soon!