Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Repeat Outfits

If it seems like the 1st outfit below looks familiar, it is because I have worn it here. This denim shirt is most definitely one of my faves and certainly a must-have. It will never go out of style! 

Two ways to wear this versatile piece.

Casually for work:

top: terranova
bottom: kids of bayo
belt: cole vintage
shoes: aldo

Or, for a weekend stroll in a museum. hehe :)

If only this photo had good quality, it would have shown you a better capture of the china collection. 
And of course, of how coordinated my outfit color was with everything around me in the room. :)
top: terranova
shoes: gingersnaps
bag: egg

I really have to begin carrying a camera with me for better shots. 

Have a blessed Tuesday, everyone! :)


ladawan said...

i wanna see your outfit in a bigger picture hehhe so cute and i wanna see your shoes too. yah better bring a cam always hehhe... lovely!

Hazel said...

wow you went to the museum? i can't remember the last time i did :( i miss reading your entries!!

Michelle said...

Looooove the versatility!! :)

The Beauty-Addict said...

i love your outfit! and your shoes! cutie :D

Mayet said...

hi, visiting here after a long time!!